This article was first published on the Farview Equity Partners website

“Voodoo hiring”

One of the best ways to improve the performance of any business is to improve the quality of talent in its workforce* yet hiring is the one area of business that continually resists being systematised.

A lack of a systemic approach to hiring often results in managers relying on their…

Rav Dhaliwal

Sales orthodoxy

Almost every aspect of building and running a Software business has been studied, measured, and systematised over the years, none more so than building and running a commercial organisation.

If we were to compare the sales team of a contemporary, subscription-based SaaS start-up to a perpetually licensed on-premises software business…

The Crane herd

Scaling pains

Hiring for roles outside of their area of expertise is one of the biggest challenges start-up founders face.

The early phase of a software start-up is usually characterised by rapid product experimentation, selling to “friends and family” and a lack of formal structure or processes. …

At Crane we absolutely love working on all things Go to market with early stage European Enterprise software startups.

What founders, startup executives and (especially) investors typically mean when they refer to “Go to market” is how best to plan, organise and utilise your (often limited) resources for effective Sales…

This article was first published on the Scottish Equity Partners website

The path to scaling

In an early stage software business, getting to “product market fit” as quickly as possible is one of the key milestones for founders. It is only then that revving up (and professionalising) the commercial engine can really begin.

An inability to build the right commercial engine in a timely manner…

It’s hard to believe but it’s actually only been a few weeks since the rhythm of life and business has been well and truly disrupted.

As we all begin to get over the initial shock and start to adjust and adapt to new ways of working, taking care of existing…

Rav Dhaliwal

Investor & Venture Partner @crane_vc . Alumni @slackhq @zendesk @yammer @salesforce and others.

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